Zero Tolerance for Domestic Abuse (ØT4DA) is a nonprofit organization specializing in offering counseling and support services to anyone experiencing domestic abuse, stalking, and/or sexual assault.

We are passionate about helping those who have suffered from some form of domestic abuse or abusive control in their lives.  We understand that abuse is not always physical; abuse can be emotional, verbal, or financial as well.  Emotional and verbal abuse can be just as detrimental as physical abuse, if not more so.  Emotional and verbal abuse can strip a person of their feelings of self-worth and their sense of identity.  All forms of abuse and abusive control can create feelings of isolation with no one to talk to,  causing you to question your reality, and lead you to thinking no one will believe you.  Financial abuse can place  you in a position where you don’t see any way out of your current situation.

Many times these forms of abuse and abusive control come from being with a Narcissist and as a result you may not even recognize that what you’re experiencing is domestic abuse.